Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

We are a Montessori based school and child care program committed to fostering a safe, nurturing environment for children to develop a respect for self, others and their environment while fueling their innate passion for learning.

Our Vision

To inspire our school community to develop an inquisitive mindset that will set them on a journey of lifelong learning, critical thinking and inclusive collaboration as they discover and embrace their authentic selves.

Our Values

Lifelong Learning

We foster the innate desire to explore and learn, through purposeful hands-on activities and a culture of respect, collaboration, creativity and independence.


We are aware of the uniqueness, beauty, and fragility of the natural world, and actively protect and respect the environments that surround us.
Students are encouraged to see themselves as active and valued members of their classroom, school community, and the wider world.
Our families are active participants in the school community and their children's learning.


All our actions and decisions are led by honesty, transparency, and ethical behavior.
We aspire to achieve high performance standards to develop the maximum potential of every child and employee.


We nurture the development of children’s social and emotional intelligence by modeling and teaching skills that promote empathy, social responsibility, and teamwork.

We appreciate the individuality of each member of our community, and create an environment of trust and mutual respect that encourages the acceptance of self and others.


Both students and teachers are empowered to be self-motivated, self-disciplined, and independent learners. Guides model actions and behaviors and encourage independence to each child's ability.
Students are given the freedom & opportunity to engage with the work in their prepared environment.

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