Decentralized Learning

A unique element of the Montessori program, which sets it apart from traditional teaching methods, is the decentralization of the teacher.

This method:

  • Respects individual differences.
  • The learning process is student-centered and emphasizes self-motivation.
  • Multi-age grouping is practiced so that students may learn "horizontally" from observation of other people's work, directly or indirectly.
  • Students learn at their own pace, free to complete a project or pursue a subject as deeply as they wish, according to personal enthusiasm.
  • Students learn by practicing their subject matter while in school, under the supervision and assistance of their teacher.
  • The classroom is used as a library or resource room for studying and completing projects: students are free to move as needed and are active participants in building their own knowledge.
  • Students avail themselves of concrete materials, scientifically designed to enhance conceptual thinking. The materials are graded by difficulty and adapt to the maturity of individual students. These tools bring about knowledge based on experience.
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